Italy: Fall-Winter 2002 (6)

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2. Sorrento (cont'd)

Pompeii is worth seeing, if only because it's Pompeii!

(Third picture: Herculeneum. The Ishikawas discover where they keep the wine for tourists.)

Napoli not only has a great museum, it does have a place where you can leave luggage. They just didn't feel like telling the Ishikawas. A fellow tourist on the train to Pompeii said, "They don't like us. (The Italians) are tired of us by October and want to get back to their own lives without having us in their way." It was great having a pizza in the town that invented it. The Ishikawas had been warned of crime and ubiquitous criminals but they never materialized. Perhaps the Ishikawas looked too poor to steal from.

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