Italy: Fall-Winter 2002 (8)

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3. Sienna (cont'd)

The Ishikawa's hotel was the Sangallo Park, an excellent hotel, even if its deceptive elevator makes you think the 3 story hotel has at least 9 floors.

The hotel would have been better for people with cars. The Ishikawas unfortunately had to take the bus into downtown Sienna. Getting downtown wasn't the problem. When they tried to return to their hotel, they discovered that there are two buses with the same number, and found themselves getting further and further from their hotel as it grew darker and darker. Lost in the countryside, they were finally rescued by the advice of some locals who told them to call a cab from a hotel, apparently the only way you get one in Sienna. This advice also proved useful when they stopped in Pisa on their way to Florence.

The Ishikawas did manage to find a decent restaurant downtown, and had some good soup. Unfortunately, they also had the worst Chinese food they have ever tasted at Sienna's Chinese restaurant.

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