Italy: Fall-Winter 2002 (20)

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6. Venice (cont'd)

All that sightseeing made Cat thirsty. Going into the famous Harry's Bar, Cat asked for a glass of wine. "We don't serve wine. Why don't you have a cocktail instead?" said the bartender. Cat noticed that everyone in the bar seemed to be sipping out of champagne glasses. He noticed Prosecco on the menu and asked what it was. "Italian sparkling wine" said the bartender.

This was no mystery to the fish-living Ishikawas who had been drinking it since they arrived in Italy. Cat got his glass of "non-wine," drank it, paid the 6 euros and left. Thankfully, the Ishikawas discovered a fine Japanese restaurant not far from their hotel that made fine use of the Japanese herb shiso.

As if all that great architecture, endlessly reflected, wasn't enough, Venice was hosting a show of Egyptian art and artifacts from the Pharaonic era. Cat can't get enough of Egyptian cat statues.

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