Portugal (& back through Spain): Fall-Winter 2002 (20)

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4. Madrid

The chilly weather the Ishikawas had been avoiding finally caught up with them in Madrid. Good weather to be indoors. At the Prado, Fumiyo looked at a painting of the Virgin squirting 2 streams of milk at a saint and started laughing. The other women in the room were most displeased. Cat was amazed how much better Las Maninas is in person, along with the Bosch, and tons of other art.

Filling up on tapas and sangria, the now somewhat slower Ishikawas make their way through the Thyssen-Bornemisza. The La Tour section of the Prado and the Louvre had been closed, but another one of his Magdalene with Skull series glowed at this museum, as did the usual Impressionists. Some great Chagalls.

(Full size scan here)

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